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The Happy Whole You Experience

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Supporting your mental and physical health is key to feeling great and living your best life. The services at Happy Whole You are designed to help you heal your body and support your mental health. Using science-backed, cutting edge technologies you can shift the state of your mental and physical health. These technologies are ideal for anyone working on optimizing their mental and physical health and are fabulous options for supporting other therapies.


Our Services Include

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna to encourage detoxification on a cellular level by heating the body directly instead of just the air. This full spectrum sauna uses near, mid, and far infrared to penetrate deep into the skin and effectively increase immunity, provide pain relief, and promote detoxification.


Red Light Therapy

The Red Light Therapy bed uses red light wavelengths to increase cellular energy production. This technology was originally studied by NASA. It is used for muscle recovery, healing wounds and promoting skin health, increasing cognitive function, decreasing joint pain and inflammation, and producing natural melatonin for healthier sleep.

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Health Consultation with AO Scan

Health Consultation with AO Scan

Meet with our Health & Wellness Consultant to identify overall patterns in your health. See what systems need support and find out how best to do that during your personal consultation.

The AO Vitals Scan is a non-invasive, no-blood-drawn blood scan. Check your allergies (pollen’s and foods), amino acids, blood lipids, bacteria, parasites, hormone levels, basic physical health, reproduction functions, bone & muscle condition, bone mineral density, cardiovascular, CBC, collagen index, digestive acids/enzymes, endocrine glands, eye health, fatty acids, fungus, gastrointestinal function, human toxins, immune system, inflammation/oxidation, insulin resistance, functions of the kidney, liver, gall bladder, thyroid and lungs, macro and micro minerals, heavy metals, molds, skin index, viruses, and vitamin and co-enzyme levels. This is the most complete no-blood drawn blood-work assessment available for a fraction of the cost.

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Theta Pod

The Theta Pod (also known as a Theta Chamber) is designed to induce Theta brainwave activity, which allows the brain to move past conscious thought into a deep meditative state, inducing deep relaxation and allowing the brain to open new neural pathways for lasting change, creativity and learning.  This is beneficial for alleviating anxiety and stress, helping with addiction recovery, promoting mental clarity, better sleep and spirit/mind/body connection.


BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy improves microcirculation and promotes the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. This improves the performance of the body's cells, which in turn favors the body’s own self-healing powers.  It supports one of the body’s most important control mechanisms for healing, recovery and regeneration processes and can also be effectively used for:

  • Improving the supply to organs and tissues

  • Supporting the healing of wounds and sports injuries

  • Supporting the immune system

  • Increasing physical and mental performance

  • Shortening recovery times in sports training


Heart Rate Variability Assessments & BrainTap

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment looks at the degree to which the heart speeds up or slows down. 
If you can track your HRV and maintain it at a high level, this will enhance brain functions such as concentration, focus, memory, flexibility of response, intuitive insight, judgement and decision making. HRV Analysis looks at neuro-hormonal regulation, cardiovascular adaptation, the stress index, the limbic system, metabolic rate, biological age and the level of brainwave activity.

Based on your HRV recording we choose a BrainTap guided meditation with binaural beats, gentle light pulses and harmonizing tones to help you achieve balanced brainwave states needed for optimal brain & body function.


About Happy Whole You Fort Collins

It's a family Affair

Husband and wife, Mark Carroll & Kathleen Noble opened Happy Whole You Fort Collins in January 2019 after being introduced to Happy Whole You by Mark’s sister, Kelly Wathne.  Kelly is one of the founders of Happy Whole You and operates the original center in Pocatello, Idaho.  Community-minded and passionate about health and fitness, Mark and Kathleen were inspired to bring these cutting-edge technologies to Ft. Collins.
Kathleen has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years.  Devoted to caregiving for those with traumatic brain injuries, she is intimately familiar with body mechanics and the myriad of challenges faced by those with chronic illness and injury.  She is awed by the resilience of the human body and is an ardent believer in the mind-body connection. Kathleen gets great satisfaction from working with folks from a wide variety of backgrounds and matching their individual needs with the right service.
Mark holds degrees in Health Fitness, Physical Education and Special Education and has been a local teacher and coach for over 28 years.

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